A Brief Overview

De NES Partners is named in honor of the street where capitalism was born…

THE NES (or NES) in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Here’s how Russell Shorto described it in the New York Times on September 27, 2013:

 “…when I’m on the Nes I feel I’m about to run into a tall, handsome, wily man who in his day favored lace collars and a twisty little mustache. His name was Dirck van Os, and, while history has forgotten him, his house on this street (which, alas, no longer exists) could be considered the birthplace of capitalism.”

~ Russell Shorto

“For four months in 1602, Amsterdammers streamed into his parlor to buy pieces of a new kind of corporation, one that allowed backers to sell their portion at a later date, at a higher (or lower) value. The Dutch East India Company transformed the world, and it made Amsterdam, briefly and improbably, the most powerful city in the world.

But its biggest contribution to history may be in the fact that in this little alley van Os and his merchant colleagues gave birth to the concept of “shares of stock.” A few years later, a little farther down the street, came the first stock exchange. Things would never be the same.”

Today the NES has everything on it from banks to theaters to a brand new building housing one of Holland’s most influential newspapers, NRC Handelsblad. And near the street is the Amsterdam Stock Exchange which, in a quirk of history, is now part of an international stock exchange conglomerate owned by a company called ICE (Intercontinental Exchange), based in our hometown, Atlanta, Georgia.

We are proud to honor the NES and to be in its tradition – pioneering in the 21st Century to enhance and promote capitalism, its values, and its opportunities, for our clients.